The Affiliated Wuxi Matemity and Child Health Care

Wuxi Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital was founded 1950 and is the only Level Three Grade A institution of maternity and child health care in the Wuxi region. Its tasks include: clinical service, research, teaching, and promotion of new techniques of maternity and child health care for Wuxi and surrounding areas; child health care, female health care, marital health care, family planning technique instruction, eugenic technique service and monitoring for the whole city; training, statistics, and health education of maternity and child health care personnel. The hospital is also known as South Jiangsu Genetic Medicine Diagnostics Center, a State level baby friendly hospital, and WHO Clinical Research and Training Base. In 2002 it became a Level Three Grade A hospital. In 2003 it became affiliated to Nanjing Medical University and is now an education site of the obstetric and gynecology MS program of the University.

  The hospital has a total floor space of 70,000 square meters, 700 beds, and a total fixed asset of 310 million yuan. The value of medical instruments with unit prices above 10,000 yuan amounts to 90 million yuan. In 2012 the hospital processed 830,000 outpatient and emergency visits, 31,500 inpatient admissions, and 12,000 child births. Presently it has 760 employees, including 116 with MS degrees and above and 111 with senior professional titles. In the hospital there are also 2 Wuxi Famous Doctors, 1 Key Medical Talent of Jiangsu, 3 high-level talents of Jiangsu Six Talent Peaks, and 3 Middle-Aged and Young Experts of Outstanding Contribution of Wuxi. The hospital makes full use of the work station of Academician Yang Huanming and its post-doctoral innovation base to carry out technical innovation and research. In recent three years, the specialists of the hospital has won 5 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 2 Soong Ching Ling Foundation Pediatrics Awards, 6 science and technology progress awards at provincial and municipal levels, and 11 provincial new medical technology import awards and they published 50 papers in SCI journals and were awarded 3 Chinese patents. The hospital has a top ranking among municipal level maternity and child health care hospitals in China.

  The hospital is technically very strong and has distinctive advantages in its specialties. There are 8 clinical departments and 5 technical ones including departments of gynecology, obstetrics, neonatology, family planning instruction center, reproductive medicine, breast disease, anaesthesiology, and aesthetic plastic surgery. It opens clinical consultation for 25 specific specialties and diseases. Its gynecology and obstetrics are key clinical specialties of Jiangsu. Its specialties of neonatology, perinatology, and reproduction health are key disciplines of maternity and child health care of Jiangsu. The hospital is an obstetrics and gynecology diagnostic and treatment center in Wuxi and also a gynecologic endoscopy and minimally invasive medicine training center of Ministry of Health. Its neonatology, female health care, and prenatal diagnosis laboratory are municipal key medical specialties. Its reproductive medicine is a specialty for key development of Wuxi Municipal Hospital Management Center and the department is the only medical institution in Wuxi approved by Department of Health of Jiangsu that can carry out in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer and intracytoplasmic sperm injection techniques. Its health care specialty consists of four subspecialties – female health care, child health care, community health care, and reproductive heath care. The hospital supervises the maternity and child health care services in the city. It is among the first in Jiangsu to carry out electronic monitoring of reproductive and child health and makes the pregnant women and children management systems of our city in line with international standards and reach the advanced level in China.

  The hospital attaches great importance to the construction of the spiritual aspect of civilization, actively develops its culture, and forms the spirit of “love, harmony, virtue, performance”. The hospital remains committed to the improvement of its quality and image and has won quite a few honors including National Excellent Group of Medical Service, National May 1 Labor Award, National Excellent Women Group, Jiangsu Model Organization, and Jiangsu Star Organization of Customer Satisfaction. In 2011 the hospital won the Ministry of Health Award for hospital reform and innovation. In 2012 it won the honorary title National Excellent Women Group of the Excellence Campaign.