The Affiliated Shanghai Songjiang Hospital

Shanghai Songjiang Central Hospital was founded in June 1949 and is now a Level Two Grade A general hospital that carries out medical service, teaching, research, disease prevention, health protection, and emergency treatment. In December 2008, the hospital became affiliated to Nanjing Medical University.

  The hospital has a land area of 60,000 square meters and a total floor space of 660,000 square meters and 950 beds. It has a complete range of specialties and consists of 26 clinical departments and 7 technical departments. It has 1,222 employees including 395 doctors, 516 nurses, and 117 technicians. Among them, there are 35 people with senior professional titles, 63 with associate senior ones, and 421 with middle level ones. And there are 4 professors, 7 associate professors, and 8 master student supervisors. Further, 18 specialists have doctoral degrees and 82 have master’s degrees.

  The hospital adheres to the development strategy of large percentage for major specialties and small percentage for general medicine to promote the common development of all disciplines. In phase one, the development of four major specialties (emergency and acute and critical diseases, gastroenterology, neurology, obstetrics & gynecology) and four feature specialties (anaesthesiology, respiratory medicine, hematology & rheumatology & oncology, orthopedics) has passed the acceptance inspection. In 2009 another three specialties (stomatology, infectious disease, endocrinology) were selected for special development. These efforts have brought a reasonable specialty structure. The hospital also actively promotes specialty reorganization and cooperation and has set up Songjiang Clinical Emergency Center for Critical and Acute Diseases. On the basis of the specialty of emergency and critical care medicine, the center unites the 120 Emergency Medical Center, 5 Level Two hospitals, and 14 community clinics and relies on the resources of the South Branch of Shanghai First People’s Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine and forms a new medical mode that integrates pre-hospital emergency care, hospital emergency treatment, and intensive care. In 2010 the hospital combined its departments of digestive surgery, gastroenterology, and endoscopy into a digestive disease center, which have brought high quality medical service to patients. The construction of the oral disease center and the rehabilitation center has also been planned.

  In the recent five years, the hospital has won 214 research projects and 59 awards and published 436 papers and participated in the compilation of 23 academic books. Current research tasks include 1 National Natural Science Foundation project, 1 pilot project funded by the municipal Science and Technology Commission. 3 projects funded by the municipal Department of Health, 29 district level science and technology projects, and 2 soft science research projects. The specialists of the hospital have published 97 papers in core journals including 3 SCI papers. And one item of software copyright registration has been awarded.