The Affiliated Changzhou NO.2 People's Hospital

Changzhou No. 2 People’s Hospital was founded in 1943 and is a Level Three Grade A hospital. With a long history, a complete range of specialties, a strong technical force, and high quality services, the hospital carries out medical services, teaching, research, disease prevention, and health protection. It is also an affiliated hospital of Nanjing Medical University. The hospital consists of two sites and one branch. The Chengzhong site is located in downtown Changzhou. The famous Qing Dynasty garden Yueyuan Garden is just inside the hospital, adding to the charm of the hospital’s environment. In June 2012 the Yanghu site of the hospital was put into use. The site is located in Wujin New City and is a large-scale modern hospital with advanced facilities. The construction at this site consists of two phases and is designed to have 2,500 beds.

  The hospital presently has 1,368 employees, including 206 specialists with senior professional titles and 465 with middle level professional titles. It now has 1,000 beds available for patients. Annually the hospital has 1 million outpatient visits, near 30,000 inpatient admissions, and 13,200 surgeries. It has 6 provincial key clinical specialties (respiratory medicine, endocrinology, orthopedics, vasculocardiology, thoracic surgery, and oncology), 1 “Eleventh Five-Year Period” key medical discipline of Nanjing Medical University (orthopedics), 1 “Twelfth Five-Year Period” key medical discipline of Nanjing Medical University (general surgery), 3 municipal key medical disciplines (respiratory medicine, endocrinology, orthopedics), 22 municipal key clinical specialties (including dermatology, general surgery, hematology, and urology etc.), and 1 municipal key laboratory (Central Laboratory). In 2008 Changzhou Diabetes Research Institute was set up in the hospital. The hospital also has an oncology research institute and a clinical orthopedics research office.

  There are 10 teaching and research sections in the hospital. There are also 2 key medical talents of Jiangsu Provincial Project of “Promoting the Health Service through Science and Education”, 12 experts nominated for cultivation in the provincial Project 333, 1 leading medical talent and innovation team of the Provincial Project of “Promoting the Health Service through Science and Education” nominated by the Department of Health of Jiangsu for the “Twelfth Five-Year Period”, 7 would-be medical innovation talents for special cultivation in Changzhou, and 13 would-be young medical innovation talents to be cultivated in Changzhou. In 2008 the hospital became an MS student training base of Nanjing Medical University. Now it has 22 MS programs, 1 doctoral supervisor, 55 master student supervisors, 27 associate professors, and 132 lecturers. In recent years more than 20 department chiefs and specialists went abroad to study in the US, Australia, Canada, France, and Germany. Every year about 50 doctors and nurses went to universities in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Wuhai for further training. Starting from 2000, the hospital carried out field training for the fourth year students of clinical medicine from Nanjing Medical University. Besides, it also provides clinical teaching and field training for more than 10 medical colleges and universities every year.

  The hospital sticks to the science and technology oriented development strategy and has made fruitful research achievements. It attaches importance to medical service quality and scientific research. It actively develops advanced medical techniques to fill the gap in the province and carries out clinical research and clinical application of basic medicine. In recent years the hospital has won 204 projects of various levels, including 10 National Natural Science Foundation projects and 4 Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation projects. It has also won 7 First Class Awards and 30 Second Class Awards for Jiangsu New Medical Technique Import and 40 municipal level science and technology progress awards. The doctors of the hospital have published over 100 papers in Zhonghua level journals and 50 papers in SCI journals. The research grants they have secured amount to 6 million yuan. The levels of awards and research projects won by the hospital have been significantly elevated compared with those in previous periods.