The Affiliated Wuxi NO.2 People's Hospital

Wuxi No. 2 People’s hospital was started in 1908 and is one of the few hundred-year old hospitals in Jiangsu. Formerly it was Pu Ren Hospital opened by Episcopal Church from the US. Today it has become a Level Three Grade A general hospital that carries out medical services, teaching, research, disease prevention, and health protection. It is also among the first group of modern hospitals in Jiangsu and is an affiliated hospital of Nanjing Medical University.

  Officially the hospital has 800 beds and actually there are 1,200 beds available and presently it has 1,145 employees. Every year the hospital receives 1.35 million outpatient and emergency visits, carries out 13,000 surgeries, and has 37,000 inpatient admissions. In 2011, the operational income of the hospital reached 740 million yuan and grew by 20% over the previous year. All performance indicators and per capita operation indicators rank the top 5 in the province.

  Presently the hospital has 1 provincial key discipline, 9 provincial key clinical specialties (including 2 units for provincial key clinical specialty development), 2 key specialties for development of Wuxi Hospital Management Center, 5 municipal key medical specialties, and 4 municipal diagnostic and treatment center for specific diseases. It is one of the hospitals in Jiangsu that have the most provincial level key specialties. A number of its medical techniques lead the country as well as the province, including interventional therapy of coronary heart disease, minimally invasive neuroendoscopic surgery, stenting for carotid artery stenosis, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), minimally invasive treatment of ocular fundus diseases, left/right liver lobe resection, narrow-band and high energy ultraviolet treatment of skin diseases. The hospital has gathered many renowned specialists. In 2010 the hospital made a breakthrough and won the China Medical Science and Technology Award for hospital management for the first time. In 2011 it became the only hospital in Jiangsu that won the Hospital Science and Technology Innovation Award of Chinese Hospital Association. In the last three years, the hospital has won 18 science and technology achievement awards at state, provincial and municipal levels, 36 provincial and municipal awards for new technique import, and 84 research project grants at provincial and municipal levels. The experts of the hospital published 4 academic works and 2,786 academic papers including 44 SCI papers, 177 papers in Zhonghua level journals, and 811 papers in national core journals and above.

  In recent years the hospital attaches importance to management innovation and has made evident outcomes in the application of lean management concepts in its medical service and quality management. The accountability system for doctors under the leadership of the department chief fully stimulates the enthusiasm of medical workers. The vertical management reform of the nursing work further manifests the advantages of specialty management. The reform of the administrative organization effectively solves the problems of function overlapping and coordination difficulties between different offices. The integrated medical diagnosis and treatment center brings an effect of advantage combination. The assessment system using balanced score cards adds rationality and fairness to the performance assessment reform. The hospital has also reinforced the medical safety management and tries to cultivate learning and research oriented teams.

  The hospital has quite a few honors, including National Model Hospital Trusted by the People, National Excellent Organization of Hospital Culture Development, National Excellent Learning Organization, and Jiangsu Model Organization etc. In 2011 it became the first hospital in Wuxi that passed the “Patient Safety Assessment”. In 2010, it was the only hospital in Wuxi that was labeled Jiangsu Excellent Organization in “the Special Campaign of Medical Service Improvement and Medical Ethics Promotion”. In 2011 the hospital ranked No. 1 in the provincial assessment of Level Three Grade A hospitals.