The Affiliated Wuxi People's Hospital

Wuxi People’s Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University is the biggest public hospital in Wuxi. The hospital got its present scale after the combination of three hospitals of Wuxi (Wuxi No. 1 People’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and Wuxi No. 5 People’s Hospital) in November 2007.

  The hospital has a total land area of 17 hectares and a total floor space of 323,000 square meters. Officially it has 1,510 beds and actually there are 1,800 beds available for patients. It is a Level Three Grade A modern general hospital that carries out medical services, teaching, research, health protection, and rehabilitation. Though located in Wuxi, it aims at extended influence in south Jiangsu region and becoming a leader in Jiangsu and a famous hospital in the country.

  The hospital consists of 58 clinical departments and 15 technical departments. In the hospital there is 1 provincial level diagnosis and treatment center (Dept. of Lung Transplantation), 1 provincial level key discipline (organ transplantation surgery [lung transplantation]), 11 provincial key specialties (vasculocardiology, hematology, endocrinology, urology, general surgery [hepatobiliary surgery], gastroenterology, medical imaging, thoracic surgery, clinical laboratory, anesthesiology, critical care medicine), 4 municipal level diagnosis and treatment center (Dept. of Lung Transplantation, Dept. of Vasculocardiology, Dept. of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine, Dept. of Medical Imaging), 8 municipal key specialties (respiratory medicine, nephrology, pediatric respiratory medicine, pathology, neurology, ophthalmology, medical ultrasonography), and 3 disciplines for priority development of the municipal hospital management center (organ transplantation, cardiology, and clinical test). The hospital is also the site of some ministerial and provincial research and training institutions, such as National Lung Transplantation Data Center, national clinical drug test agency, endoscopy training base of Ministry of Health, clinical medicine engineering research base of Hospital Management Research Institute of Ministry of Health.

  The hospital attaches importance to technical and human resource development. Its lung transplantation technique leads the country. A number of other clinical techniques also lead the province or the country, including radiofrequency ablation treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, autologous cell transplant for Parkinson's Disease, gastroscopic resection of large pieces of mucosa for the treatment of early gastric cancer, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, single incision laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive anterior surgery on upper cervical spine, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, pancreaticoduodenectomy, and endovascular stent grafting for exclusion of aortic dissection.

  In the recent five years, the hospital has won 1 China Medical Science Second Class Award, 1 Hospital Science and Technology Innovation Award of Chinese Hospital Association, 16 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 13 Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation projects, 24 provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards, and 47 New Medical Technology Import awards granted by Department of Health of Jiangsu. As per September 2012, the hospital has 4 postdoctoral fellows, 52 MDs, and 320 masters, and 362 experts have got senior professional titles.

  Wuxi People’s Hospital will always maintain its core value of “virtue, life, technique, and perfection” and try to “be professional, honest, diligent, kind, and remain at the top”. It advocates “loving and kind hearts and affectionate link to the people”. It promotes the service concept of “bringing health and adding color to life” and engages itself in a never-ending pursuit of health and medical excellence. The hospital respects life and cares for health and remains committed to the needs of patients.