The Affiliated BenQ Hospital

Nanjing BenQ Medical Center, a Sino-foreign joint venture hospital, is an establishment invested by BenQ Corporation, which is committee to social responsibility. In 2007, the center became affiliated to Nanjing Medical University. With a land area of 40 hectares, the center was built according to the Chinese standard for Level Three hospitals. The construction of the center consists of three phases. The investment for the first phase is about 1.4 billion yuan and the facilities built in the phase in mainly intended for general medical service and special medical services and will have 1,500 beds. In phase two and phase three, research, clinical teaching, and health promotion facilities will be added and eventually the center will have 3,000 beds.

  The center has gathered near 200 medical specialists from Taiwan province, the mainland and other countries and they provide multi-specialty and high quality medical services for the people. Besides outpatient, medical test, and inpatient services, the center can also provide VIP and extended medical services that are custom made for patients. In October 2010, its thoracic surgery was approved by Ministry of Health as a key clinical specialty for development. The specialties of distinctive strength of the center include cardiology, general surgery, orthopedics, urology, neurosurgery, nephrology, gastroenterology, and ophthalmology. The center has also opened its blood purification center, ICU, endoscopy center, and international health center. It provides general and special medical services and health management service. It also carries out activities of medical diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, preventive health, medical research and teaching.

  The center applied the Taiwan mode of medical service, such as clinic nursing tracking and guidance, the accountability system for doctors, the primary nursing system, and the pharmacist instruction system. Besides providing basic clinical treatment and care, doctors and nurses of the center pay more attention to the emotional care to patients. It is a code of conduct of every doctor and every nurse here to “treat the patients as their family and feel what the patients feel”.