Affiliated Nanjing Matemity and Child Health Care

Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital was founded in 1936. It was formerly the Obstetrics Hospital affiliated to National Central Senior Vocational School of Midwifery. Today, the hospital is also known as Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, a State level baby friendly hospital, the first Level Three Grade A maternity and child care hospital in Jiangsu. After 75 years of development, it is now a maternity and child care hospital that combines health care, medical service, teaching, and research.

  The hospital is located in downtown area of Nanjing. It has a land area of 20,185 square meters and a total floor space of 103,129.6 square meters. The new health care center building, with a total floor space of 75,000 square meters, was put into use in January 2011. Presently the hospital has 632 beds available to patients.

  The hospital consists of 17 departments, 42 sub-departments, 12 medical technical departments, and other operational departments. With well-organized and well-trained academic teams, the hospital has made outstanding achievements particularly in perinatology, diagnosis and treatment of infertility, screening of inherited metabolic disorders in newborns, neonatal intensive care, gynecologic oncology, Chinese medicine gynecology, and ultrasonic imaging. Its obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis, and neonatology are provincial key specialties. Its Dept. of Chinese Medicine is a model Chinese medicine department in general hospitals of Jiangsu. Its child health care, gynecology, and anaesthesiology are municipal key specialties.

  The hospital promotes human-centered service concepts and practices humanistic care in every detail of the service. A humanistic service system has been set up and a series of featured services have been carried out. In gynecologic clinic, we have “one doctor, one nurse, one room” for outpatients, fetal care university, mother and baby club, good baby club, workouts for pregnant women and those who have just given birth, fetal photography, family style maternity care and delivery service, video record of the ceremony for the newborn, special soup and care for lying-in women, aquatic therapy for infants, infant massage, bird nest style care for newborns etc. We accept telephone, Internet, on-site, and community clinic referral appointment. We have the senior expert consultation center. We carry out weekend and night clinic services, telephone doctor service, starred nursing service, “Five Service Items characterized by considerateness, sincerity, patience, earnestness, and heartiness”, visits to discharged patients, all-purpose card clinical service, and one-stop clinical service etc. We set up the health management center and patient health archives to track the health of patients. We give free-of-charge health lectures regularly, such as “Female Health Lecture Hall”, “Family Member School”, and “Parents School”, and organize the breast cancer rehabilitation club and the cervical disease saloon activities.

  With the philosophy of “Commitment, Love, Aspiration, Happiness”, our hospital fully implements strategic management in recent years. We focus on health care on the basis of our medical expertise. We provide featured services and stress on cultural development. We actively carry out management renovation, strengthen the construction of specialties, promote development priorities, improve our core techniques, and develop our talent resources. We have developed famous medical service brands, renowned doctors and specialties. All these add fame to our hospital and contribute to the rapid development of our scale and performance, disciplinary and academic construction, human resources, management innovation, and medical service culture. Today, the hospital has gathered many talents and renowned doctors and there are great achievements in its academic research. Its advantages in the medical community are constantly reinforced and its comprehensive strength has been fully raised. The hospital won many awards and honors, such as National Excellent Organization of Hospital Culture Development, Excellent Group Contribution Award conferred by Chinese Association for Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development, Excellent Organization in the Assessment of Hospital President/Director Accountability System, Excellent Organization in Provincial and Municipal Campaign of the Hospital Management Year, Jiangsu Excellent Group of Health Work, Excellent Group of the Women’s Contribution Campaign, and Excellent Group of Maternity and Child Health Care.