The Affiliated Freindship Plastic Surgery Hospital

Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital of Nanjing Medical University (also known as International Plastic & Aesthetic Teaching and Research Center of Nanjing Medical University) is presently the only aesthetic plastic surgery institution in China that has passed the certification of Joint Commission International. It is also a China demo hospital of the International Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Institute . As a branch of the Fourth School of Medicine, Nanjing Medical University, the hospital is a three-in-one organization that carries out medical service, teaching and research.

  The hospital has a total floor space of 40,000 square meters (including phase II and III sites). It consists of aesthetic plastic surgery center, minimally invasive aesthetic center, laser aesthetic center, VIP anti-ageing research center, antioxidant skin care center, and dental aesthetic center. Besides medical service provision, the hospital is also a teaching and research center of aesthetic plastic surgery and the International Plastic & Aesthetic Teaching and Research Center of the hospital consists of teaching and research sections respectively of plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery, and skin care.

  The hospital wins its position in the international community of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery Medicine plastic through the provision of Level IV aesthetic plastic surgery including Korean facial bone contouring and cranio-maxillofacial surgery, Korean long curve mandibular angle osteotomy, reduction malarplasty, chin augmentation osteotomy, breast reduction, and abdominoplasty etc. It also leads the international trends providing more than 1,000 items of medical cosmetic service in the fields of Korean rhinoplasty, Korean oculoplasty, endoscopic mammoplasty, 360-degree liposuction, Korean TCR calf reduction, anti-ageing research, postpartum repair, pigmentation removal, birthmark removal, acne treatment, hair transplant, cosmetic dentistry, and plastic repair etc. The hospital sets up an international benchmark by importing modern aesthetic plastic surgery, aesthetic microsurgery, and 3D aesthetic simulation.

  The Teaching and Research Center carries out various research foundation projects and is currently applying for National Natural Science Foundation projects. Every year, the center sends doctors and nurses to attend academic conferences and training programs. The researchers of the center publish academic papers in SCI and core journal at a regular basis. The center actively opens optional courses and takes the tasks of teaching interns, visiting scholars, and residents and provides room for their clinical practice. Clinically and academically the center helps bring the rapid development of contemporary aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

  Through relevant agencies of China and Korea, the hospital has secured an agreement of importing famous Korean plastic surgeons to carry out aesthetic plastic surgery teaching and clinical research of plastic microsurgery. At the same time, a Korean nursing team has been invited to support the surgeons with the advanced Korean plastic surgery nursing service.

  After years of hard work, the hospital has become the only JCI-certified plastic surgery hospital in China. It has also become a large and advanced research and clinical education center of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. The hospital is committed to becoming a world-class composite cultural site that integrates medical service, education, research and art and will become famous in the world for its management, academic research, service, and credit.