The Second Affiliated Hospital

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University (also known as the Second School of Clinical Medicine of Nanjing Medical University, Jiangsu No. 2 Red Cross Hospital, and Children’s Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University) is a clinical teaching hospital of Nanjing Medical University. It also serves as a training base of Ministry of Health for general practice doctors, digestive endoscopy, and Level 4 gynecologic laparoscopy. And it is a state-level institution for clinical drug test (12 specialties). The hospital was formerly Nanjing No. 4 Hospital. In 1981, it became the second affiliated hospital of Nanjing Medical College. Later, the college was renamed Nanjing Medical University and the hospital got its present name. In 2007, the Second School of Clinical Medicine of Nanjing Medical University was set up in the hospital.

The hospital has a land area of 37,360 square meters, a total floor space of 82,044 square meters, and 1200 beds. It receives 800,000 outpatient visits and admits 38,000 inpatients annually. The hospital has 1955 employees. Among them, there are 1,675 medical professionals, including 287 experts with senior professional titles, 540 experts with medium professional titles, 9 doctoral supervisors, 54 supervisors for MS students, 9 professors, and 42 associate professors. In the last five years, major operational indicators of the hospital have maintained 30% annual growth. Its number of National Natural Science Foundation projects made a breakthrough from zero to 14. And its number of SCI papers grew from just a few to more than 80.

In March 2007, the hospital took over Nanjing No. 3 Hospital (formerly Nanjing Railway Hospital) and made it its east hospital. Later on, its pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, nephrology, and ophthalmology departments was moved to the east hospital, while the gastroenterology and general surgery departments and general medicine stay at the present site for further development. Therefore an operational layout has been formed that the main site focuses on major specialties and a large part of general medicine and the east hospital focuses on major specialties and a small part of general medicine. In 2009 the hospital successfully passed the assessment and became a Level Three Class A hospital.

The hospital has 35 clinical departments and 15 teaching and research sections. Its departments of gastroenterology, pediatrics, nephrology, obstetrics & gynecology, geratology, neurology, endocrinology, general surgery, and oncology are provincial level key clinical specialties.

The hospital adheres to the management philosophy of “make employees satisfied first before satisfying the patients; and attitudes decide everything and details decide success or failure”. It is also committed to the service principle of “serve the patients and make them satisfied and touched”. Currently the hospital is implementing the three three-year development strategy (2007-2015). A medical building with a total floor space of about 50,000 square meters is under construction. The hospital management is committed to the full improvement of the hospital’s medical treatment, education, and research levels and tries to make a large-scale, provincial-level, and education-oriented general hospital.