NMU Appoints Tong Shilu Visiting Professor

Tong Shilu, Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) was appointed Visiting Professor of Nanjing Medical University. The appointment ceremony was held in the School of Public Health on March 17, 2017. Shen Hongbing, President of NMU, and relevant directors attended the ceremony.

Expressing gratitude to Professor Tong Shilu, President Shen Hongbing presented a letter of appointment to him and hoped that Professor Tong will strengthen the collaboration with NMU, contributing more to discipline construction, talent nurturing and scientific research.

Engaging in epidemiological research on the correlation between climate change and diseases, Professor Tong has published many high level papers in authoritative international journals. During this visit, he gave a lecture on Global Health in a Changing Climate and exchanged ideas with teachers and students. He also paid a visit to the Exhibition of NMU history, birth cohort facility and other places.

Reported and Photographed by: School of Public Health

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui