Four Undergraduate Majors Newly Approved

The Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China recently issued a notice releasing the records and approval of undergraduate majors of regular institutions for higher education in 2016. Nanjing Medical University had applied for four new majors, which were respectively pediatrics, medical radiology, marketing management, andlabor and social security. All of them were approved by the Ministry of Education. Up to now, NMU has 24 undergraduate majors including five categories as medicine, natural sciences, engineering, management and liberal arts.

To meet social needs for professional talents according to a market research, NMU had applied for these four new majors with full consideration of the university’s current situation. The discipline of pediatrics was examined and approved to nurture urgently needed pediatricians. After five years of study, students will be given a degree of bachelor of medicine. With a curriculum of four years, medical radiology, marketing management, and labor and social security were disciplines that became registered by MOE. Students majoring in medical radiology will be conferred a degree of bachelor of sciences, and those in marketing management and in labor and social security will be conferred a bachelor degree of management.

Their approval will optimize the curriculum structure and broaden the scope of curriculum construction and discipline development, thus enhancing NMU’s capacity in teaching and offering social services.

Reported by: Office of Teaching Affairs

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui