JSFAO Leaders Conduct a Survey at NMU

Led by Deputy Director General Huang Xiqiang, a delegation of seven members from the Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government (JSFAO), mostly from its Division of Asian Affairs, conducted a survey at Nanjing Medical University on March 16, 2017. They aimed to know better about the cooperation between NMU and other Asian countries. The meeting was attended by Wang Lin, Vice President of NMU, and relevant officials from the Department of International Cooperation & Exchange.

Vice President Wang Lin hosted the meeting. He warmly welcomed the JSFAO delegation and expressed his gratitude to them who had been all along very supportive of the internationalization efforts of NMU. After that, Wang introduced the general situation of NMU, education for overseas students and international cooperation and exchanges.

Deputy Director General Huang Xiqiang highly appreciated the achievements made by NMU in education for overseas students and international cooperation and exchanges.He hoped that by seizing the opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative, NMU could facilitate international cooperation and exchanges to a higher level. It is essential to incorporate international exchanges of NMU into the strategy of Jiangsu International cooperation.

During the survey, the JSFAO delegation paid a visit to the medical simulation center of NMU.

Reported by: Department of International Cooperation & Exchanges

Photographed by: Network Information Center

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui