NMU and SEU Sign an Implementation Agreement on Strategic Cooperation

A signing ceremony of Implementation Agreement on Strategic Cooperation between Nanjing Medical University and Southeast University was held in Si Pai Lou Campus of SEU on January 24th, 2017. The ceremony was attended by SEU leaders Zhang Guangjun and Wu Gang, NMU leaders Shen Hongbing and Li Jianqing as well as relevant deans and directors.

Academician Zhang Guangjun, President of SEU, warmly welcomed the NMU delegation. He pointed out that the two universities enjoy a long history of friendship, adjoining areas, complementary advantages, all of which lay a solid foundation for promoting a win-win cooperation and discipline integration between medicine and engineering. He hoped that the two sides would make joint efforts in five main cooperative fields as education for undergraduates, joint education for graduate students, research cooperation, resource sharing and multi-leveled exchanges. Besides, supervision and control of key processes should be strengthened and smooth communication and exchange mechanism should be established, with an aim to implement the strategic agreement efficiently and effectively with a win-win result.

Shen Hongbing, President of Nanjing Medical University, introduced the current situation of NMU and its strategic aims for the future. He pointed out that the signing ceremony is a new beginning for the two universities to deepen cooperation with mutual benefits. He highly appraised the five main tasks advanced by President Zhang, and hoped that the two universities could deepen and widen bilateral cooperation by exploring the development in such fields as student training for innovation and entrepreneurship as well as education of medical humanities. He expects that fruitful achievements that benefit teachers and students of both universities will be made in the earliest time.

On behalf of SEU and NMU respectively, Vice President Wu Gang and Vice President Li Jianqing signed the Implementation Agreement on Strategic Cooperation.

Reported and Photographed by: Office of the President

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui