Two Affiliated Hospitals Honored as the“National May 1st Women Pace-maker Post”

Recently, Ward #5 of the NMU Affiliated Geriatric Hospital, along with the Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine of the NMU Affiliated Suzhou Hospital Main Campus, was honored the “National May 1st Women Pace-maker Post” in 2021 National Advanced Women Workers Collective and Individual Commendation Conference hosted by All-China Federation of Trade Unions. There are only 2 units within Jiangsu healthcare system be honored with such titles.

Ward #5 of the NMU Affiliated Geriatric Hospital is staffed with 18 physicians and 17 nurses. It’s team that is united and vigorous, responsible, younger and promising. It was once honored “Jiangsu Youth Model Work Unit” and “Jiangsu May 1st Women Model Post”.  Physicians and nurses staffed in this ward have an average age of only 33.4 and 94% of the workforce are women. The ward is structured with 2 sub-specialties, namely the Respiratory Medicine and Neurological Medicine. Faithfully filling their corresponded duties, the physicians and nurses are passionate about their work and patient-centered. The ward stresses on improving diagnosis and treatment capacity and warm-hearted services, prioritize continuous improving of medical service quality and safety, actively providing excellent medical services with disciplinary features. Through detail-attentive and caring services, the patients can have such a good hospitalization environment and quite high satisfaction rate. With years of accumulated experience, the ward has formed the featured geriatric-specific medical services and nursing technologies and obtained good clinical treatment outcomes. In the recent 5 years, this ward has provided cumulatively free medical services to over 2,000 persons. In early 2020, Wang Wenjun and the nurse Li Jie of the Ward #5 volunteered to join Geriatric Hospital Hubei Medical Rescue task force and came to Huangshi to fight COVID-19.

        Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine of the NMU Affiliated Suzhou Hospital Headquarters is the key clinical discipline of Jiangsu Province (Intensive Care Medicine) and of Suzhou City (Emergency Medicine), and women workers accounts for 78.2% of total workers. The department always follows the mission of “patient-centered, life-saving and people-serving”. Thanks to its lasting developments and learning over the past years, it has developed into an important base for critical patients rescue and public health crisis response of Suzhou City. Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, as the first line life-saving department with the heaviest workload and widest cross-disciplinary involvement, manages to successfully fulfill its duties while developing new technologies and businesses, including gastrostomy, bed-side CRRT and percutaneous tracheotomy. During the outbreak of COVID-19, the department staged an all-out service work over prolonged period. Besides their main duties in Emergency and ICU, 13 senior physicians (with the eldest up to 60 years of age) took the lion share of the workload in fever clinic.