Shen Hongbing, the Deputy Director General of National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention, Visited the 4th Affiliated Hospital to NMU for Pandemic Prevention and Control

On August 13, Shen Hongbing, the Deputy Director General of National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention and CAE academician, led the national working group visiting the NMU 4th Affiliated Hospital to inspect and instruct the COVID-19 prevent and control work. The working group were accompanied by Luo Qun, the member of Standing Committee of Nanjing Municipal Committee and incumbent Deputy Secretary of Jiangbei New District Party Working Committee, Wang Hua, the member of Standing Committee of Nanjing Municipal Committee, Wang Jing, the Deputy Director of Nanjing Municipal Health Commission, Lu Xiaojun, the Director of Jiangbei New District Health and Civil Affairs Bureau, and Chen Guanghui, the Chief of Jiangbei New District Integrated Department.

The national working group paid in-depth visits to the hospital’s Jingxin Campus to inspect the COVID-19 prevention and control work in the Outpatient and Emergency Department, Laboratory Test Center and Department of Pediatrics, providing constructive instructions to the COVID-19 prevention and control, medical treatment, treatment triage, epidemiological investigation, nosocomial infection management and other public health crisis responses.

Academician Shen Hongbing acknowledged the hospital’s work in COVID-19 prevention and control. He said that the current pandemic prevention and control in Nanjing City is stablizing and getting better. With the continuing joint effort from everyone, the COVID-19 will be finally defeated. Shen Hongbing asked the the hospital to beef up and never relax the COVID-19 prevention and control work, providing solid support to the city-wide nucleic acid tests for all citizens.

Facing the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the NMU 4th Affiliated Hospital strictly implemented the COVID-19 prevention and control work requirements issued by the Health and Civil Affairs Bureau of Jiangbei New District and set up nucleic acid test fast-track in Jingxin Campus for people leaving and arriving at Nanjing. The hospital also referred to the list of top 10 symptoms in conducting epidemiology investigation, diagnosis and treatment;all hospital campuses temporarily shut down the Outpatient services of Ophthalmology, ENT, Stomatology and Plastic Surgery, retaining only the necessary emergency medicine clinic and minimizing the transfusion service; in order to avoid infection risks from crowds gathering, the treatment appointment-based diagnosis and treatment was practiced and patient volumes were peak-shaved into different time slots; the hospital strictly conducted the no-visitor management protocol for inpatients and closed-loop management for staff members to prevent nosocomial infections.   

The hospital also built in Jiangbei New District the first ambulance sterilization and rushed to furnish the emergent PCR lab for the Nanjing City. It also signed up to supporting the nucleic acid test work of Nantong City and Yancheng City. By partnering with Labway, the hospital set up the mobile cabin PCR lab and completed multiple rounds of nucleic acid testings for all medical workers, among others, inpatients and accompanying personnel in the hospital. By now, a total of 1,247 medical workers have been assigned for nucleic acid sample collection, including 428 person/times dispatched to support Jiangning District. The PCR laboratory has issued over 110,000 nucleic acid test reports.