Shen Weimin from the NMU Affiliated Children’s Hospital Honored As the 2020 “Touched Nanjing”Figure of Year

Recently, Shen Weimin, the administrative director of the Surgical Department of NMU Affiliated Children’s Hospital and director of the Burning and Plastic Surgery, was honored the 2020 “Touched Nanjing”Figure of Year. In this year, 10 citizens and 1 team from different walks of life in Nanjing City were included.

Shen Weimin has his over 3 decade long career be mostly focused on pediatric plastic surgery. He is the leading expert in all China on stem cell transplantation therapy for skin defects and pediatricextensive burning and small mandibular plastic surgery. Every year, he admits and treats over 5,000 pediatric patients needing the plastic surgery throughout China. He sets up a dedicated “Back to Smiles” foundation for pediatric craniofacial deformities and provides free-of-charge treatment to over 100 economically-challenged pediatric patients with craniofacial deformities and physical abnormalities. In 2020, during the COVID-19 outbreak, he gave surgical operation to a Wuhan infant patient with multiple diseases including Pierre-Robin syndrome, congenital laryngomalacia. Overcoming many unexpected challenges, thanks to the superb surgical skills and experience, Shen Weimin spent more than 1 hour and successfully completed the surgery.

Shen Weimin was awarded many honorary titles, including the Advanced Worker of National Health Commission, Advanced Worker of Jiangsu Province, Top 100 Famous Medical Workers of Jiangsu Province and the “Most Beloved Health Guardian” of Jiangsu Province. In 2020, he was honored the National Outstanding Worker.