Global Launch of Clinical Molecular DiagnosticsCompiled by NMU Experts

The book launch of Clinical Molecular Diagnostics was held in Nanjing Grand Hotel on July 16. This is an English monograph authored by 2editor-in-chief: Prof. Pan Shiyang and Prof. Tang Jinhai from the NMU 1stAffiliated Hospital and co-edited by over 100 experts. The book  ispublished and distributed worldwide jointly by the world renown scientific publishing group the Springer and China People's Medical Publishing House.

Wang Changqing, Secretary of NMU CPC Committee, and Tang Jinhai, Vice President of NMU and also the Secretary ofthe 1stAffiliated Hospital attended the book launching. The event was also joined by the editor representatives from medical colleges and universities and hospitals across China, as well as the directors of NMU Education Affairs Department, heads of the Science and Technology Office of the 1st Affiliated Hospital. International editors joined the conference from online and sent their congratulation: including Prof. Rao Jianyu, the deputy director of the Pathology Department of UCLA, Prof. Meng Qinghe, the director of the Central Labof MD Anderson Cancer Center, and deputy editor-in-chief Yang Jin from People's Medical Publishing House.

Editor-in-chief Prof. Tang Jinhai and Prof. Pan Shiyangintroduced the content of this monograph and expressed their gratitude to all the leaders, experts and peers who have been closely following up and doing the editing work. This book is the first large monograph that China independently developed in the field of clinical molecular diagnosis. Focusing on the clinical practice, the book follows the latest development trends about bedside application of molecular diagnosticsin treating various systemic diseases worldwide. It can not only enable right bedside application of molecular diagnosis to benefit the patients, but also will promote the clinical transnational applications of new molecular markers.

Wang Changqing, Secretary of NMU CPC Committee, fully acknowledged the important academic value of the monograph in his speech. He pointed out that the global launch and circulation of this book signifies the enormous progress of China’s medical technology. It’s a critical advancement and adventure of China’s medical technology on the international arena. Wang Changqing, Secretary of NMU CPC Committee, together with Tang Jinhai, Vice Secretary of NMU CPC Committee, Vice President Zhu Gen and Prof. Pan Shiyang, honored the thank-you-letter to the attending editors and unveiled this new book together with experts.