Commencement and Degree Ceremony 2021 of Nanjing Medical University

On July 3, the 2021 NMU Graduation Ceremony and Degree Conferring Ceremony was held in the gymnasium in Jiangning Campus. The event was joined by university leaders including Wang Changqing, Shen Hongbing, Shi Jinlou, Wang Ruixin, Li Jianqing, Ma Shuiqing, Tang Jinhai, Xu Shan, Ji Yong, Ding Qiang as well as Shen Ruilin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Director of the Publicity Department and the United Front Work Department. The middle management, postgraduate supervisors,education servicing and supporting personnel, faculty members of affiliated hospitals, alumni representatives and all graduates of year 2021 participated in the ceremony. The ceremony was held by the Vice Principal Xu Shan.

In the ceremony, tutors of all graduating classes gave a chorus performance by singing the Juvenile, sending out the best wishes to all graduates. Also put to the screen was an original graduation-themed mini film The Answer, setting off reminiscence and resonance among all graduates to flash back their education experience in NMU.

Shen Hongbing, the Academician of CAE, NMU President and Chairman of the NMU Degree Evaluation Committee, conveyed, on the behalf of all the teachers, students and medical staff, the warmest congratulations to all graduates who successfully completed their study. Youthful graduates of the year 2021, as described by Shen Hongbing in his speech, practice the mission and responsibilities of NMU students through their hard work. They pass on the time-honored NMU tradition of patriotism, dedication and philanthropic love to all mankind. It also sends out a sonorous echo from young scholars echoing NMU’s call for constructing the first-class medical university in China. Upon seeing off the graduating students, Shen Hongbing gave graduating students his departure messaging and blessing by saying “To the Heart, to the End”. He wishes all graduates can have their hearts settled and mind decided, stay true to their starting mission and true will until reaching the final targets; wisely plan their personal career and dare to spend a whole life time on the cause they love and make this life worthwhile to the country and the people. Speaking as the outgoing president, Shen Hongbing recalled his memory about his forty-years studies and service time in NMU. In concluding, Shen Hongbing said that he would continue servicing the development of NMU and spend all his time and effort to return the favor of NMU and live up to this great era.

        Professor Lu Xiang, the incumbent Secretary of the Party Committee of SIR RUN RUN Hospital, Deputy Commander of Jiangsu Aid Forward Headquarters to Hubei Province, Commander in chief of Huangshi Medical Taskforce and “National Advanced Individual in Fighting COVID-19” also the faculty representative, gave a speech. According to Professor Lu Xiang, facing the uncertainty from the pandemic and life-mattering choices, all graduates are expected to be active in learning, independent in thinking, diligent in practicing and informed in acting in their future  career as medical professionals, stay tuned to the truth and cautious doubting, hold to the medical integrity and morality, and never disappoint blessings from this great era.

Working with the Urology Surgery Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Naval Military Medical University, Professor Ren Shancheng, also the alumni of Class 1999 Clinical Medicine, the recipient of the Shulan Medical Prize and laureate of Youth Changjiang Scholar,  gave his speech in the ceremony. Referencing to his own working experience and renewed interpretation of “NMU”, the English abbreviation of the university, he wishes his younger fellow alumni could stay true to the founding oath of s medical professional and keep their integrity, be hardworking and do good to world, imprinting a magnificent stroke on the broad arena of Health China.      

As graduate representatives, Xie Mengyan, oncology PhD student of the First Affiliated Clinical Hospital, and Ward, a graduate student of surgery study in the School of International Education, gave talks to express their gratitude to NMU and faculties for everything. They expressed that wherever they go, they would never abandon the lifelong wealth they got from NMU, nor will they forget the medical oaths they bear deep in their minds. With non-relenting diligence and hardworking, they will achieve their own dreams and the dreams of their nations.     

Then Professor Wang Changqing, the Secretary of the University Party Committee and Academician Shen Hongbing, the President of NMU honored the graduation certificate to graduate representatives, honored the awards to the winner students of 2021 Ruihua Cup “The Most Influential Graduates” and presented the letter of appointment to alumni representatives of 2021. Wang Changqing, the Party Secretary of NxMU, presented the university flag to 3 postgraduate students of the education assistance group and 2 graduates signed up for aid work in Tibet.

After the ceremony, university leaders and Standing Committees of the Communist Party conferred the degrees to all the graduates and took group photos.