The School of Basic Medicine held the conference of the year-end report & academic exchange of primary investigators (PI)

On January 20th 2014, the School of Basic Medicine held the conference of the year-end report & academic exchange of PI for the first time in the small meeting room on the fifth floor of the library in WuTai campus. About 80 people including major leaders of the School and teachers attended the meeting and listened to report and exchanges of 28 PI. The conferences were hosted by the vice presidents of the School Wang Yingwei and Su Chuan.

At the meeting, the president Han Xiao made the speech firstly. He said that the main aim of this meeting was to enhance the exchange among PI and provide information for promoting cooperation. The aim of this meeting, said by Professor Han, was also for quantitative evaluation of PI’s annual work, which will be helpful to promote the institutionalization of management, encourage and develop the backbone force for the school rapid development. Then, by use of PPT, all PI in turn introduced their resumes, and reported their works in 2013, including teaching work (the quantity of teaching, teaching reform projects, teaching papers and the participation in the teaching materials), research work (including grants, papers, awards and patents), cultivation of talents (instructing PhD and master students, and young teachers), and the progress of disciplinary construction. Meanwhile, PI also emphasis introduced their research field, direction and goals in the future. The atmosphere of the meeting was solemn and warm. The exchange between each other has not only enhanced mutual understanding and friendship but also spurred the academic exchange and learning. After the meeting, all participators agreed that the activity was effective and hoped that it would be held again.

Reported by: School of Basic Medical Sciences
Translated by: Ming Xiao