The School of Basic Medicine held popular science lecture in Jiangning campus

In order to improve the medical undergraduates’ interest in scientific research and hobbies, and create a favorable learning atmosphere for them to learn of popular science, since the last semester, the School of Basic Medicine has held the activity of “large-scale popular science lectures into the campus” in the Jiangning campus of the university. In this semester, the activity was held again on the afternoon of May 23rd. The lecture was hosted by Vice President Wang, Yingwei. Zhou, Zuomin, the professor of the department of embryology, made a presentation entitled “The present and the future of reproductive medicine”. About more than 200 undergraduates attended the lecture.

In the lecture, Professor Zhou not only explained the basic knowledge about reproductive medicine to students in simple way, but also introduced the recent research achievements of reproductive medicine in China, clinical applications and future development direction. This wonderful popular science lecture caused extensive concern of the students on reproductive health and reproductive medicine research.

Reported by: School of Basic Medical Sciences
Translated by: Ming Xiao