NMU Holds the Ninth Pharmaceutical and Chemical Knowledge and Experimental Skills Contest

Nanjing Medical University held the Ninth Pharmaceutical and Chemical Knowledge and Experimental Skills Contest in an auditorium in Zhicheng Building on November 10, 2018. The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Xu Shan, Vice President of NMU, and heads of the Department of Students Affairs, Communist Youth League of China NMU Committee and School of Public Health, student and teacher representatives, as well as the contestants


Vice President Xu made an opening speech. She said that the contest was an implementation of President Xi Jinpings advocate to enhance youths capability of innovation and practice. She advanced that the School of Pharmacy is a pioneer in scientific innovation. With the contest, we can promote the quality of teaching and learning, stimulate students interests and nurture students spirits of innovation.


Chen Yijun, a Winner of the Second National Contest of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy and TCM, made a speech on behalf of all the students. She shared her experiences and thoughts on scientific innovation. She said that contests offer a golden platform for us to learn from each other and improve ourselves.


Han Feng, Dean of School of Pharmacy, introduced the goal and rules of this contest. By the contest, we aim to improve the quality of teaching and learning, enhance specific skills, and promote scientific innovation. He encouraged the contestants to show their best to achieve good results.


The contest was organized by Communist Youth League of China NMU Committee, Department of Teaching Affairs and Department of Students Affairs, and was hosted by School of Pharmacy. The contest was composed of quiz contest and skill operation, which were carried out in two spots simultaneously. Over 80 contestants from School of Pharmacy, School of Public Health and School of Basic Medical Sciences took part in the heated contest. The first, second and third places were decided after required questions, quick response, risk questions and deciding game. The questions adopted the elements of Empresses in the Palace, riddle and Can You Guess, which aroused great interests of contestants and audiences. In addition, with the guidance and judgement by professional teachers, a variety of prizes including the best operation prize was selected in such groups as organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and pharmacology.


Reported by: Yang Qiupu/School of Pharmacy

Revised by: Jiang Ningyu, Duan Zhendong

Photographed by: Information Network Center

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui