NMU holds 2018 Commencement & Degree Awarding Ceremony

        Graduates were departing in the blossoming season of Cosmos bipinnatus. On June 30, 2018, Nanjing Medical University held the 2018 Commencement and Degree Awarding Ceremony in the gymnasium. NMU leaders attended the ceremony. They were respectively Wang Changqing, Shen Hongbing, Shi Jinlou, Wang Ruixin, Lu Xiang, Wang Lin, Li Jianqing, Ma Shuiqing, Tang Jinhai, Xu Shan, Hu Zhibin, and Ji Yong. The ceremony was also attended by Shen Ruilin, a member of Standing Committee of NMU Party Committee and head of Department of Publicity, as well as numerous mid-level officials. Teacher representatives of the university and affiliated hospitals, representatives from Departments of Logistics, alumni and graduates’ family members were at the spot to witness the great ceremony. Other family members sat in the students’ activity center watching the live broadcast.

        Prior to the commencement ceremony, a big screen presented blessing videos made by 2018 graduates and memorable graduation video named Spotlight on NMU. University leaders and 22 supervisor representatives walked onto the stage, receiving flowers from graduate representatives who felt grateful from the bottom of the heart.

        Hosted by Vice President Xu Shan, the ceremony began in the magnificent national anthem. President Shen Hongbing, Chairman of Degree Evaluation Committee, extended congratulations and blessings to 3,101 graduates on their successful fulfillment in academic study for a new journey. Recalling graduates’ fantastic youth time on campus, President Shen encouraged graduates to build a dream, pursue the dream and achieve the dream. Growing up in the right time to shoulder great responsibilities, graduates should have the courage to build dreams for a brighter future; in pursuing the dreams, graduates should bury the dreams into the earth and then irrigate with sweat; after achieving dreams eventually, graduates should embed dreams deep in hearts, squarely face the next challenge, retain the original aspirations with persistent efforts, thus living up to youth without regret.

        Professor Chen Minglong, teacher representative, director of Department of Cardiology in the First Affiliated Hospital, doctoral student supervisor, encouraged graduates to remember why they chose medicine, and maintain the personality of self-improvement, self-reliance and self-confidence. Bearing in mind the belief of improving human health, graduates are expected to be conscientious, responsible, honest and kind.

        Mr. Zhang Xiaoqing, alumni representative from batch of 1994 majoring in pharmacology, Chairman of Board and CEO of Nanjing Huawe Medicine Technology Group co., LTD., expressed his gratitude to the alma mater and teachers. After sharing the experience of setting up his own business, he delivered his wish that in accordance with NMU values, graduates should remain positive, calm and kind-hearted.

        After broadcasting a video of graduates making donation for campus trees, on behalf of all the graduates, Hu Weiyue, a Ph.D. from the batch of 2015 majoring in Health Toxicology, made a pledge of striving for the development of healthcare undertakings in order to build a healthy China.

        On behalf of overseas graduates, Kullarat Nanachai, from batch of 2012 of MBBS program, reviewed the process of studying in China and showed her determination to make persistent efforts to be a qualified doctor who is capable of healing the wounded and saving the dying.

        President Shen Hongbing awarded the certificates to graduate representatives in the ceremony. Party Secretary Wang Changqing presented the university flag to the graduates who will work in Tibet. He also awarded the honorary certificates to excellent graduate representatives.

        In the process of degree awarding, the graduates stepped onto the stage, and university leaders moved the tassels from right side of the mortarboards to the left side, awarded certificates and took group photos.


Reported by: President Office of NMU

Photographed by: Network Information Center

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui