MOE Certifies Stomatological Interactive Virtual Simulation Training System of NMU

        Chinese Ministry of Education issued the certification results of the first batch of national virtual simulation teaching programs, including 105 programs (25 medical programs) from 91 universities. Stomatological Interactive Virtual Simulation Training System, led by Professor Wang Lin, received certification.


        Considering special traits of stomatology, the program was designed on the concept of maximizing reality and integrating reality with virtual reality. The units were divided in accordance with experiments. Students were encouraged to learn by themselves without the limitation of time and space. The platform combined self-learning, self-training, evaluation, feedback and other functions. In order to further develop and manage the virtual simulation education programs, relevant departments and schools will promote deep integration of information technology and education.


Reported and photographed by: Department of Academic Affairs, and School of Stomatology

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui