NMU Receives Guidance from Certification Expert of “Study in China”International Education

        Professor Guo Fenglin, an experienced expert of China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) and a former dean of International Medical School of Tianjin Medical University, visited Nanjing Medical University from May 13-15, 2018 to provide guidance on Quality Certification of “Study in China” International Education. He was received by NMU leaders Shen Hongbing and Wang Lin as well as heads of relevant schools and centers.

Professor Guo observed the situation of clinical skills training and examination of overseas students in the medical simulation center. After listening to a brief introduction and a report on features of overseas education, he conducted an on-the-spot investigation in the School of International Education, School of Basic Medical Sciences, School of Public Health and the affiliated Sir Run Run Hospital. Comprehensive survey was performed by the assessment of theoretical lessons, clinical teaching, report on teaching situation, documents review, service facilities and by talking with teachers and students.

In a feedback meeting, Professor Guo Fenglin confirmed the quality of teaching and management of overseas students. He pointed out that NMU has definite goals of international education with a feasible plan and system. A high-level SP team was built; overseas teaching hospitals were established. A system was established to ensure the quality of clinical teaching in English. NMU has advanced the overseas training program for teachers and students. Many teachers were trained to give classes in English. Sound regulations and systems were established in the aspects of international education and scholarship. With great efforts on overseas teaching, NMU has made great achievements. Professor Guo also offered advices and suggestion on the volume expansion of overseas students in degree programs, structural adjustment of source countries of international students, entrance examination, certification of teachers and improvement of service facilities.


Reported by: Department of International Cooperation & Exchange

Photographed by: Network Information Center

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui