NMU Holds 4th World Culture Exhibition

Nanjing Medical University held the Fourth World Culture Exhibition with a theme ofTransboundary Friendship without A Distancein Shuren Square on Jiangning campus on May 21, 2018. Nearly 200 students from 16 countries, including China, India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan and nine countries in Africa, participated in the exhibition to show their unique cultures so as to deepen exchanges and friendship.

With distinctive features, the exhibition demonstrated splendid university cultures. Indian students decorated their booth as a tent like an old castle, and dotted with symbols of folk culture. Taking elephants as a theme, Thai booth was guarded by mighty colossi on both sides with Mekong River as its background picture. Sri Lankan students adopted three-dimensional maps to vividly demonstrate national geographic conditions as well as local customs in the tropical island. Focused on Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, Indonesian students creatively decorated the booth into a mini coconut city. Pakistani students also took part in this exhibition. Compared to previous exhibitions, this one additionally showed the unique cultural features of countries along the Belt and Road. Foreign cultures and local customs were perfectly combined by presentation of local food, festival show, song and dance performance with traditional costumes. Sri Lankan booth was voted the most popular one by teachers and students via two dimensional QR code.

Reported by: School of International Education and the Communist Youth League Committee

Photographed by: School of International Education

Translated by: Wei Miao

Edited by: Zhang Donghui