NMU Makes Great Achievements in the Second Clinical Thinking and Skills Competition for International Medical Students

NMU delegation formed by 2013 MBBS students WARREN ALEXANDER LAM SUNG FOON (Mauritius), GIRIRAJ RADERAM (Mauritius), FATHIMA ZAINAB KAMARZAMAN (Sri Lanka) and ARALIYA TAMARA RANASINGHE RANASINGHE MUDIYANSELAGE (Sri Lanka) performed excellently in “Study in China” - The Second Clinical Thinking and Skills Competition for International Medical Students on Oct. 13th, 2018. The delegation won the “Best Teamwork” award (the highest award), an “Excellent Team” award, and WARREN ALEXANDER LAM SUNG FOON won the Excellent Skills of First Aid” award (the highest individual award) in the competition.

The competition was jointly organized by China Association for International Education (CAFSA) and Dalian Medical University. 120 MBBS students from 30 colleges & universities participated in the competition. Compared with last year’s competition, the team scale has been expanded and the quality of participating institutions has also improved significantly.

The competition was divided into preliminaries and finals and the competition method was track type. The competition covered internal medicine, surgery, OB & GYN, pediatrics, infection, first aid and other subjects. The final simulation was about the first aid in a car accident. All competition topics were real clinical cases presented in English, focusing on medical clinical thinking, patient-centered humanistic care spirit, communication skills with patients and standardized clinical operations of MBBS students.

The outstanding performance of NMU international students in the competition has played an important role in the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, promoting the development and exchange of international medical education and establishing the international medical education brand of our university.


Reported by: Zhong Yi         Edited by: Wang Hai

Photographed by: Zhong Yi

Translated by: Zhou Li         Reviewed by: Zhang Donghui